This page includes some children’s literature resources as well as activities for a composition classroom following a genre studies or CHAT model.  These texts were created for my students, but they are also available for use by anyone interested in texts for children and/or critical approaches to literature and writing.

Children’s and Adolescent Literature Reading Guides

To correspond with all class readings, these guides provide students with context and background information, critical resources, possible avenues for further consideration, and suggested enrichment or daybook activities.  Sharing these resources offers students the opportunity to take responsibility for their own learning, while also providing guidance on possible approaches to the study of children’s texts.

Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian Guide

Alvin Ho 1 Reading Guide

Alvin Ho 5 Reading Guide

Becoming Naomi Leon Reading Guide

Biographies Reading Guide

The Breadwinner Reading Guide

Brown Girl Dreaming Reading Guide

Coraline Reading Guide

Despereaux Reading Guide

El Deafo Reading Guide

Ella Enchanted Reading Guide

Everyday Reading Guide

Fairest Reading Guide

Feathers Reading Guide

Feed Reading Guide

Fire Reading Guide

Firefly Letters Reading Guide

Flora and Ulysses Reading Guide

Fortunately the Milk Reading Guide

Graceling Reading Guide

Hadn’t Meant to Tell You This Reading Guide

Heart and Soul Reading Guide

Hereville Reading Guide

Inside Out and Back Again Reading Guide

Lightning Dreamer Reading Guide

Mighty Miss Malone Reading Guide

Monster Reading Guide

One and Only Ivan Reading Guide

Persepolis Reading Guide

Peter Pan Reading Guide

Picture Book Reading Guide

Skim Reading Guide

Smile Reading Guide

The Arrival Reading Guide

The Chocolate War Reading Guide

The Outsiders Reading Guide

The Wild Book Reading Guide

Tiger Lily Reading Guide

Watsons Go To Birmingham Reading Guide


Other Children’s Literature Resources

Embodiment and the Self in YA Literature Lecture

Genre, Censorship, Awards Information

Multicultural Children’s Literature Considerations

Purpose and Development of Children’s Literature Lecture (RCL)

Intro to Ideology and Binaries in Children’s and YA Literature

Binaries in YA Literature- Theory Backdrop 

Double Voice Discourse Lecture

Questions to Help You Think About Critical Thinking

Children’s Literature Synthesis Questions

Fairy Tales- History and Criticism Lecture

Peter Pan Part I Lecture

Complications of Appropriateness Lecture

Fairy Tale Terminology

Example of Close Reading- The Giver

Children’s Literature History Lecture (RCL)

Peter Pan Context Handout

Graphic Novels Presentation

Lois Lowry Newbery Acceptance

Children’s Nonfiction and Historical Fiction  Lecture (RCL)

Composition and Writing Research Resources

Possible Questions to Interrogate Genre

Genre within a Genre Activity

Little Scientist Research Activity

Disney Trajectory Activity

Categories of Categories Genre Activity

Genre of the Arch Villain Activity

Rubric as a Genre Activity

Producer and Receiver Persuasion Activity

Language and Context Activity

Advertisement Genre Activity

Interviewing About Genre- Advice

Academic Journal Sample Rhetorical Analysis

Scholarly Articles- Genre Analysis Questions

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